Today is a new day

The sun is out and the birds at play for this is such a wonderful day.
I am so excited about the new things I have been doing I will hopefully post a picture or two after the week end. But for now I just wanted to say have an awesome weekend hope all is well where live
Hugs and Kisses


A changing new year

Happy New Year to everyone, I just want to say that this year is all about changes and I hope nothing but the best for everyone.

Stay tuned for what all is new.

Huggs and Kisses

Christmas smiles

Hello I am just wishing for everyone to have Safe and Happy Holiday’s this year. I would also like to share that the shop is filled with a lot of new jewelry and other gift items to get you through on a short notice so stop on in for a cup of cider and some laughs.
Merry and Happy Holiday’s to all.
Have great night.
Hugs and Kisses


Hi I am here again to tell about my doings I am having a tasting in my boutique on Saturday Sept 17th at 18573 main st suite 101 in Conway wa, if anyone in the area is reading thisĀ  please feel free to join us from 3:00 to 6:00pm

It will be great fun we are having a mystery hostess and a drawing for a give away come check it out.

As always hugs and kisses have a great day.

Another year older

Well I just had my 50th Birthday I must say it was not what I was thinking. I did however decide it is time to pull in the rains and get my you know what together, I have so many projects going, I know what I want, and now I just need to put it into action. I do feel a little confused my mind is just going to burst with every thing in it. I can not imagine I am the only one that feels this way however I do sometimes wish someone else could help in my head to put things in order. I do have to say I have the best husband he helps me at times to focus and at other times he laughs at what goes on in my head but hey he still loves me. And I love him. As things progress and get into some kind of order I will make more posts of what is going on in my world. For now have awesome day.

Remember to be grateful for what you have, and what you are doing in your life.

Until next time hugs and kisses.

Happy September

I am writing to say Happy Birthday to all of us (VIRGOS) this is a special month for a lot of us and also a sad month for many of us. This month brings in a lot of memories, I do however hope that this year will be nothing but great times ahead for everyone.

It is the end of summer going into fall the leaves at my house are already changing and falling, it has been the shortest summer I can remember. But this is also the time of year that is my favorite getting ready for the holidays, and bringing out the cozy clothes.

Stay tuned for fall and winter ideas and specials. until next time have a great day.