Another year older

Well I just had my 50th Birthday I must say it was not what I was thinking. I did however decide it is time to pull in the rains and get my you know what together, I have so many projects going, I know what I want, and now I just need to put it into action. I do feel a little confused my mind is just going to burst with every thing in it. I can not imagine I am the only one that feels this way however I do sometimes wish someone else could help in my head to put things in order. I do have to say I have the best husband he helps me at times to focus and at other times he laughs at what goes on in my head but hey he still loves me. And I love him. As things progress and get into some kind of order I will make more posts of what is going on in my world. For now have awesome day.

Remember to be grateful for what you have, and what you are doing in your life.

Until next time hugs and kisses.


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